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Ultimate Transparency is Mix Investing in Your Own Portfolio of the Most Successful Corporations in America at Raising their own Cash.



      Since I started my Patent endeavor for the few people who understood the process, the history of the arithmetic was always requested. My answer has always been the same. The process is what you are doing lately. Fund Management today is almost synonymous with Indexing Investing as if the whole has any relationship with the component parts.

     Money Magazine with 25 of 30 stock prices below from 5 Years ago conveniently & by chance shows no variation in the average price per share. But look at those percent variations for each of the 30. Then look above and observe how inexplicable ROI and the Absolute Percent is effected for the 5 Years because of the mix of trading values among only 30 Corporations. Extend such management methodology over major indexes and mutual funds with hundreds of stocks and you almost have a dysfunctional market analysis as driven by Indexes .  And who is this market guy anyway that discounts and anticipates all economic conditions in advance.

   Let us review what mix is when cooking when the slightest miss use of red  pepper may destroy a recipe.  In my days of owning two fairly successful mutual funds. One had 25% of its holdings in 160 stocks with no positive OiBiTDA dollars, while the other had 25% of its 450 investments outside the United States. Pepper may also be the least in weight as the current and so called functional market pays no attention to mix of stock quantities within the whole.

    In case you are still an unbeliever go the Out Perform tab of this website and fool with quantities of only 4 stocks of your investments to see what your portfolio is missing.