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September, 2015 - This archived version of Investor Transparency® is no longer being updated. For a current version of our program, please see

Three Variables of a Worldwide Economic Model have been AUTOMICALLY PERONALIZED by the Quantity of each in your own Basket of Dow Stocks, whether an IRA, 401K, Institutional Fund, Publicly: Traded, Hedge, or ETF Fund.  


Each Quantity within a Basket & the Outstanding Shares of a Corporation as Patented have been neglected for lack of trying for over a hundred years.    

How many Dow shares an Investor gets for every $1000 is now yours by

1)  Downloading the One Sheet Excel File as updated once a week (Monday) per a website.

2) Test 2 stock quantities I have suggested to observe four variables in action.

3)  Then zero out the 10 Best DJIA Stocks, unless you own one or more

4) Insert your actual quantity owned for each of 30 holdings

5) Test all subsequent buy or sell anticipated changes among all stock holdings before you execute the action

6)  Let your conscience be your guide in paying a one time fee when you exceed the Absolute Percent of the Model. If I confirm your results.

7) If you are in a position to be the one & only resource for the Inve$tor Tran$parency of the Econonmic Indicator Model for 10 Best Public AB$% Stock Fund or wish to Publish the Economic Model as done daily by yours truly call 321-254-8917.