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September, 2015 - This archived version of Investor Transparency® is no longer being updated. For a current version of our program, please see


       Imposed Splits is the Great Equalizer from the daily mix of 30 Trade Values for the whole DJIA to be 100%. The various split rates prove all the arithmetic for two patents & its Absolute Percent Trademark AB$%® as the inverted Return on Investment (ROI) equates with Benchmark #3 for Shares Owned per $1000 for each Stock & the whole as a Portfolio. Giving a pyhsical quality to a share of stock with an employee of the same corporation.


Meaning in Summary

The 24/7 exchange Price per Share of the Absolute Percent is reporting the ROI of both a Stock and Portfolio for comparison purposes to determine which among each grouping is a Better Investment in Descending Order.