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To conceive or devise first, originate

Column 33 line 21 Patent #8219479

Calulating real time value of a 2nd publicly trading equity based on the efficiency of the current workforce (Benchmark #3) comparing the current value of the 1st publicly traded investment.


Mutual Funds Need an Exchange & ETFs need the methodology to Differentiate & Rank All Baskets of Stocks with the Absolute Percent for Investors 


 Due Diligence was finalized 7/10/2012 by the U.S. Patent Office


The 1st Patent of a Portfolio for Managers & Investors Alike 

As Captured by an Absolute Percent 


for Stocks, Portfolios & Indexes


The Patent/Trademark is ripe for an IPO with all significant legal cost history. I am willing to convey 21% of all the Technology to the Public Corporation for a mere verbal commitment to an IPO plus another 10% when the IPO takes place. There are 3 Corporations with synergism to the IPO end. Yahoo because it already produces most of the data including the top 10 holdings of Public Funds. ICE because it trades internationally & can add the exchanging of  all Public Funds in any currency to maximize this completely new market. BAC and/or JPM because they can directly service clients, depositors & credit cards with the technology. There is also a 5% reward fee for the Investment Banker that makes the IPO connection. 


      There is another path to my IPO vision-- a 1% Equity to the 30 current components of the DJIA in exchange for using all the Technology of the Patent/Trademark Process at their discretion with no Investment Dollars.  A objective Sarbanes-Oxley compliance tool will be the 1st economic benefit.   



In a word AB$%, I have literally and figuratively joined the Accounting World with the everyday World of Trading Equities in any currency for the advantageous benefit of Fund Management, Corporate Management and the Investor with  ranking data.



Allowing an Investor to Know the ROI of any Equity

Before & After Purchase


When Understood by Banks

To use as Investors in Leveraging

Basket of Stocks @ (50 + ABS%) Points

See Friendly DJIA Tab

Will lead the U.S. &

Abroad in Local Currency

Out of the World Wide Recession

Starting with the Use of Bailout Loans

For Italy & Spain to Invest in the U.S. 

Below are Portfolios  driven by the Five Variables of the Patent/Trademark: Trade Value, ROI, Bx#3, Quantities & Exchange Rates


The Media Situation for Comparing Stocks, Portfolios and/or Funds


One of the most extensive comparison source for Funds is a  recap in Barrons as provided by Lipper with three  different categories.


Stocks Funds have 5 annualized returns for a closing  NAV.

The ETF Score Card has latest QTR. & 1 + 3 Year returns for NAV Dollars.

Weekly Closed-End Funds has premium/discount data for the NAV Price per Share.


There is a 4th listing for Exchanged-Traded Portfolios in Name/Symbol order that needs magnifying help with weeklly changes & the different dividend amounts that i believe is Exchange sourced.


All useless Transparency for comparison purposes. I challenge investors aside from finding their own Fund, to make a confident change in improving performance and to confirm that the new investment is any better than the one just divested. It is just as random as playing solitaire with the aces buried, but now you are betting on very unfavorable odds.


That is what the AB$% is all about, knowing ROI before and after with a Percent Amount that fits all Portfolio Equities made higher by Stock Equities Higher in their own right. 


The IPO World Wide Comparison Transparency for the Absolute Percent serving Corporations and Investors alike is $20 (my guess) Trillion in Trading Value  for the best cash producing Corporations in the world. 



 The Crossing

At the moment the Inventor was given Patent approval his years in the wilderness of theories came to an end. For much of his life he had been planning his enterprise, striving to make it a reality. To meet this task he would muster everything he had learned. The first Patent of Portfolios would be a turning point in the history of both worlds, New and Old.


As paraphrased from Columbus and the Age of Discovery by Zvi Dor-Ner 1991 p.103, with only the underlined words added. 



As the sailors of Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria, none of them could have understood a new highway of trade, brought together 520 years later.



The AB$% (below) born on the 4th 2011 is reconciled to this week's results. Please notice the substantial decrease in ROI due to both inflation & the particular mix of 30 Trade Values that do not represent the same 30 corporations. All facts that leave any comparison of the 100 year old DJIA meaningless. 


    OiBiTDA raw dollars has an element of inflation over time. But there is no way Bx#3 based on the latest quarter as reported by current & past components for employees could be considered so as validated daily by the Mix of 30 Benchmarks. Truly worthy of daily & weekly sydication by the printed plus internet Media.      


Software Patents per Wikipedia 12/17/2012


There is no legal definition of a software patent.

Below is a single comment capturing the software 



There is intense debate over the extent to which software patents should be granted, if at all. Important issues concerning patents include:


a)     Where the boundary patentable & non-patentable software should lie;

b)   Whether the inventive step & non-obviousness requirement is applied too loosely to software;

c)  Whether patents covering software discourage, rather than encourage, innovation.


    As of 2004, approximately 145,000 patents had issued in the 22 classes of patents with 5350 in the same class as #8,219,479, mine.


   Many software companies cross license their patents to each other. These agreements allow each party to practice the other party’s patented invention without the threat of being sued for patent infringement. They pay a modest license fee $100,000 to $1,000,000 for rights to a patent of questionable validity. Rather than pay the high legal fees ($2,000,000 or more) to demonstrate in court that the patent is invalid.   


   The practice of acquiring patents merely to license them is controversial in the software industry. Companies that have this business model are pejoratively (tending to make or become worse) referred to as patent trolls (to trail in fishing).


    Since there is no legal definition for a software patent I created one from #8,219,479 that could set a precedent in a court of law.


A Number (Bx 3) within a Software Patent

Is Explainable by Calculation (ROI)

With the Added Feature of a Mechanical Device;

The Number Works Every Time