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Comparing Portfolio ROI Before Picking Stocks


        “The prior art (Ficery & Ballow) does not disclose the calculation after the benchmarks & individual ROIs, OiBiTDA are calculated, an Overall Investor Transparency value (OIV) is determined, by further combining all the individual ROIs with all individual benchmarks for each company.”

       “The prior art of record does not teach or provide motivation to combine each of the individual OiBiT values & each of the individual ROIs of each publicly traded equity investment of each portfolio,  along with the overall (OIV) for comparing the OIV of the 1st company to the OIV of the 2nd  company

Therefore the claims are deemed allowable.

     Please excuse the examiner's comments that recap 3 variables coming together with the one conclusive result - the Absolute Percent. After the attorney congratulated me for patent 1 in 2012 he said we needed to file another that would reduce the claims. Nearly 2 years after #1, the exact text in patent #2 got me teach to combine & motivate to change by the examiner. In the mean time  comparing of all stock & fund equities became Absolute as a single percent. The exact amount changes from individual stock prices 24/7. For Funds the amount changes by the average 24/7 price of all the component shares. 


    One last comment in the abstract of the Patents. "The ROI for each operating facility of the public company can also be determined by the invention." 


       Of all the absolute definitions in my dictionary the ones I like the best are: #1 perfect in quality complete, & #8 pertaining to units of measurements (shares & time). As SEC dollars are connected to Trade Values with, AB$%.  The examiner must have realized that there is no motivation to change  per Barron's; when ROI & compare are not in their dictionary.

More Concisely

The Patents Transfer Trade Value, ROI, &  Benchmark #3 to the Exact Quantity of Shares in a Fund

The Ratio of Shares per $1000 to Bx #3 per $1000 /  Divided by Inverted ROI = AB$%

For both Stocks  &  as in Fund Equities    


Chart 1 below is the 1st rule of investing; know the ROI of your own Portfolio before exchanging stocks


      Chart 2 compares an Exchange Traded Fund of SPDR with the (DIA) Dow Jones symbol for 10 Dow stocks with shares quantified percentage wise by Yahoo holding analysis on the left. The Absolute for the same Quantity of shares as owned by the 5 Best Absolutes of Q1 2015 is on the right.  The contrasting results of ROI and the absolute percent for Equity ETFs are explosive for a Financial Investment Product of 20 years in trillions of dollars & still growing.

       Please notice the extremely low Absolute Percent of the ETF on the left as a reflection of an ROI almost half as much as the Portfolio on the right. The right being 10 of the same quantities  distributed to stocks as ranked 1 to 10 by the Absolute Percent. There are two stocks within both holdings with different quantities: CVX & GS.  

     The contrasting view is meant to show that Equity Exchange Traded Funds should not be a  Financial Product offering long term advice at fees  unless  changes are made to the underling philosophy of exchanging good investments for high flying stocks of corporations with poor ROI operating results. 

       All is not bad for ETFs. The product need only spin off the best absolutes as done above & as I  personally did with Scottrade. Once done management can offer old shareholders to buy into the Absolute way at the Average Price per Share of the spin off. 





I have a dream to alleviate the class warfare of the wealthy Investor versus the non-investor— applying all facets of the Patent for the privatization of Social Security. Now I am talking about the entire stock market using the Absolute % of the DJIA, as a National Icon to surpass at all times. Each Quarter a stock’s trading value  (held or bought) would have to remain at 50% of its Bencmark #3. It is meant as a Bank resourse to raise Capital as the 1st step for restoring faith in the FINANCIAL FREE MARKET by selling Cash Earning Value to clients.  

I feel there can be a new Tech Boom in Real Time 24/7 that can be led by the Absolute Percent & its Patent Technology that fits ALL Equities. And who better to lead the boom than the SEC as a Profit Center. 

Last & not least, below are my personal holdings in my Scottrade Accounts IRA & Trading

With basic arithmetic daily, I firmly believe that the SEC can be a Profit Center licensing my Patent Pending. The Government Agency can charge Corporations for protecting the rights of Shareholders as well as Taxpayers with the Objectivity & Accountability of the same Daily Benchmark #3 as used for Inve$tor Tran$parency® above.


The Agency will protect Shareholders with the Absolute Percent of 100 stocks with the best & weekly replace others that qualify. In addition the SEC would protect Shareholders of Publicly Listed Funds each day; Hedge included over a certain amount. The Agency would protect Taxpayers Quarterly with an Alternate Tax Calculation for Corporations to pay an Equitable Rate of Tax to the IRS for OiBiTDA dollars that will include Foreign Profits.


The SEC would protect Shareholders/Taxpayers with the same Objectivity of Benchmark #3 in compliance with Sarbanes–Oxley whereby Corporations could save millions for the task that is not being accomplished today from current Audit Procedures.


Last but no-means least the SEC would re-license the Patent’s Technology to State & Municipalities for the Protection of those Taxpayers.


The Driving Force to Pay for Quarterly Benchmark #3 SEC Service – a Corporate desire for new shareholders with an Investment Source under scrutiny by unbiased professionals. At the very least the SEC could issue an offical Daily DJIA Absolute Percent & require any Fund with 6 Dows to file a Quarterly replica. It would be a terrific Audit Procedure to serve Fund Investors as well.  


Last but not least is the true daily change to the DIA SPDR, an Investor's ETF INDEX Fund. Please notice the disparity among changes to Per Share, Total Net Assets of Fund versus that of ALL OUTSTANDING  SHARES