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September, 2015 - This archived version of Investor Transparency® is no longer being updated. For a current version of our program, please see

Must be Downloaded to Believe 

The Ultimate Financial Achievement  as Patented

 Accounting Certified by Arithmetic in Every Currency by

Earned  Versus  Paid Hours During the Current Quarter

Chart 1 is a Live Certification of a Major Non-Dow Corporation by a retired CPA for Benchmark #3 as Produced by the Variations of  Benchmark #1 Sales & Benchmark #2 Payroll that always add up to 100%.


Chart #2 imposed $1.5 billion in Sales for Q1 2015 to the otherwise same results of chart 1 that includes the same multipler (4987.9) that also adds to 100% to prove the accuracy of Benchmark #3 with equal Paid Hours of Benchmark #2 in producing its ROI & Absolute Percent (AB$%)


In a nutshell. data is recorded, analyzed, managed, valuated, audited, certified, comparable to the last quarter, & comparable to equities in real time. 


Prior Q Paid Hours/Prior Q Sales

X  Current Weekly Sales = Hours Earned 

Versus Actual Hours Paid  

That Results In

Sales Effeciency + or Minus Paid Hour Efficiency = to 100% Every Time


   My accounting career goes back to a small CPA firm I joined as an auditor out of college in 1955.  J.K. Lasser & Company was where independence and objectivity were paramount to the word Certification even when auditing a Fortune 500 Public Corporation substantially bigger than a 15 man staff of auditors.


 That 1st year while auditing the firm’s largest client McGraw Hill I learned something as a junior accountant that served me my entire accounting career, & two books - Unit-Tizing a product line. Such has developed into Unitizing Sales Dollars by taking the Paid Hours of the latest quarter & dividing the number by actual sales dollars of the last Quarter before the Q starts until proved otherwise by actual results during each subsequent week of the current quarter. The prior quarter calcuation produces a quotient that when mutiplied by each week's current actual sale dollars Earns Hours that can be compared with  an Actual Dollar & Cent Wage Rate of Paid Hours that produces Benchmark #3 the score keeper for OiBiTDA* ROI & the Absolute Percent.

 Benchmark #3 can easily handle any Government Agency with Tax Income (Sales) and/or Tax Payers (Corporation & Individuals) as Units as first budgeted and subsequently reported upon by Bx #3 in fact.


 *Operating Income before Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortization 



 The best part of Earned Hours versus Paid Hour produced by its Universal 13 week moving average Grid. Such only needs setting up once by franchise or otherwise to service the Stock Market & Measure the Payroll Efficiency of every credit card, location, product line, plant and/or Public Corporation.  I will let you figure out the Market Size.