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One Against the Financial World

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With What They Don't Know

Benchmark #3 of the patents needs the light of day to connect the price of a stock, a candy bar & an indivdual's tax payment to the transparency of all number crunching.


marty_517Martin D'Amico retired Controller NYSE Corp. (13 Divisions 20 Plants) & CPA authored Performance Cash 2003 & How to Predict Year End Cash & Energize Any Size Business 1998. Both books developed Paid Hours as a Scorekeeper for the most recent Quarter that are compared to Earned Hours as driven by any Quantity (generic or otherwise) of Sales during a current Quarter.   

        Paid Hours as a scorekeeper has been in the bullpen waiting to relieve Investors for 25 years. It was 1984. Paid Hours became Universal thru me as Corporate Controller of an LBO (a one time Fortune 1000) that had 20 plants at one time  in the US, Canada and Europe. Sales in dollars, pounds, & invoice quantities per a statistical scorekeeper was easy prey for weekly efficiency.

       Two books during my retirement years beat up on Sales.  Such Income Earned Hours from quantities of invoices or a dominant product (cars, pounds, bank deposits, transactions etc. or dollars themselves).

      Now by its Patent issued 7/10/12 the two, Earned Hours Versus Paid Hours has a plus or minus 100% that will bring OiBiTDA or my version of Cash Profit to an Investor’s doorstep once a week. Earned Hours versus Paid Hours for SEC as profit center will eventually zero out the national debt

     Management, Shareholders and the SEC can sing to the same hymn book. And Shareholders will bail out long before their Investments are too big to fail.

     To briefly summarize. Walmart will know by Patent Design the weekly efficiency of every facility throughout the world and as a whole by a reciprocal percent at plus or minus that always adds to 100% for the combination with Benchmark #3  keeping score for Investors.


       And Tax-Paying-Shareholders can hold their elected officials to the same efficiency percents from Tax Receipt Dollars that Earn Hours.                                          

The Universal Grid always adds to 100% for Sales Efficiency + Payroll Efficiency. 

The Patent is where the Federal Reserve, SEC, IRS, Taxing Authorities, the Accounting World, Corporate Management, Wall Street, Cash Profit and Arithmetic have never been connected or accountable to Shareholders and Taxpayers as generated by a simple Hourly Benchmark based on a head count. All brought together daily by via the DJIA and the sum of its 30 parts.