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September, 2015 - This archived version of Investor Transparency® is no longer being updated. For a current version of our program, please see

  The Patent Inventor believes its registered trademark AB$%® as used to capture the everchanging daily growth mix of 30 different stock prices of the DJIA is an Economic Indicator ready for  syndication worldwide. Thus a current AB$% Product ready for prime time as currently being reported after daily NYSE closings. Growth cannot be endless for each stock nor for the composite as is the DJIA with no finite means to measure all 30 in combination. The DJIA was good in concept but its age is showing & speed of exchanging stocks & funds does not help.


  The AB$% (Absolute Percent) has it own 100% variance not related to Earned Versus Paid Hours while it captures Benchmark #3 by the Paid Hour. This  change is driven by a stock's trading value as changing 24/7 with insignificance unless accompanied by a Quarterly ROI change. AB$% is meant to Rank a Corporation's ROI to ascertain if a Portfolio will experience a rise to its ROI when purchased as determined of the mix of all other indivdual quantities in a portfolio. The fact that the Dow 30 Curve, a model is created by basic arithmetic makes it even more enduring as opposed to hundreds of theories explaning change daily by so called media experts & professionals. Weather got the thermometer, Capitalism has the AB$%®


 The Absolute Percent will allow all Sovereign Countries to participate in the ownership in the best worldwide ROIs via the same Absolute Percent as published daily In the United States for each Stock Equity.    

 Per the internet. The absolute value of a number may be thought of as its distance from zero. Generalizations of the absolute value for real numbers occur in a wide variety of mathematical settings. For example an absolute value is also defined for the complex numbers, the quaternions, ordered rings, fields and vector spaces. 


Per my dictionary, absolute – 1) perfect in quality 2) pure 3) unconditional, 4) not limited, 5) independent 6) not to be doubted 

 Charts of this Tab

Chart 1 Today & Always History of the Absolute %  since 7/4/2011

A Daily Worldwide Syndicated Product Ready for Prime Time

 Chart 2, The 4th year of comparision to July 4 2011 that shows a 10 point ROI decline to the mix of 30 stocks from some individual changes to the 30 (Apple in, Bank of America out) 


 Chart 3 The Best 5 of or less of Each Q (Q3 2014)


Last Chart My Dream when 1st embarking on comparing ROIs for big & small Equity Funds in 2004 as the Patent Process Started.

Chart #1 AB$%® Points

The 1000 AB$% Fixed Point D 30 Curve

Making me the Foremost Expert on the DJIA Index & the ROI Mix of 30 Components 


 The D 30 Curve model from the Patent’s arithmetic is my crowning achievement. The Average Price per Share of the model reflects 30 quantities in the same proportion as the 30 Outstanding Amounts (83+ billion & 170 times the shares in the model) of each corporation. The 24/7  Value Average Price of the model per share reflects the mix of 30 different ROIs for each of 30 Corporations. When the calculated Average Price per Share is divided by the calculated AB$% for the day the new Average times all the outstanding shares produces an Absolute of 1000 AB$% Points with a proof of the Benchmak #3 amount as a Percent of the 1000 Fixed Point. 


The original single percent was born and first introduced as Equity Yield on July 4, 2011 with the same functional arithmetic as demonstrated by the splits of the Introduction TAB. The Absolute Percent service mark AB$%®  was registerd in January of this year as  numbered #86256199.     

Is the ROI of the DJIA Growing each day ???

No, in fact on the 4th year of ROI for the D 30 Curve it wipes out 100 Years of History as never factually recorded until the Absolute Percent for 30 individual stocks & the simple Inversion of the ROI Percent as done for changes to

the effective bond yield. 

The Best 5 Stocks of Each Quarter,  Q3 2014


As never before all Public Funds from A to Z ranked 24/7 by how many shares an Investor gets for $1000 Invested at the listed Trading Value while revealing a comparable ROI for Each to all Others

In reality One Price Shopping for All Public Funds by the AB$% from Patented ROI  


    I would like to start a reverse solicitation process where-by a single employee of each Dow 30 Corporation approaches the CEO with my offer of 1% Corporate Equity Position in an eventual IPO for all as presented on this website with ZERO Investment Dollars.  I will commit to such 1% Equity from a persoanl call (321-254-8917) from the CEO. Bearing from him or her, your name will get a personal .1% Equity Position of the same eventual IPO. My goal is to form a consortium IPO Corporation to get A Level Playing Field to the indivdual better than that of the Professional Investor. See chart 3 of Introduction Tab.


CME purchased 90% of the DOW Jones from News Corp several years ago for $675 million.   .1% of $750 mil = $750,000. If you have Investment Bank credentials, your name from a lone CEO only & the $750,000 + or - Equity Position will be yours.  The DJ can not hold a candle to the D 30 Curve for investor data & the absolute Percent